"Jeff Wilkinson was the architect on my project which involved an entire redo of the interior of a 1840, 3000 square foot house of historic significance. The house had been divided into apartments with two kitchens, suspended ceilings, and a closed-off third floor. I desired a single family home, retaining the historic features, but bringing up to modern day standards. Because I was doing this project long distance for much of the time, I appreciated Jeff's frequent check-ins on design points, flexibility in scheduling meetings, and thoroughness in design details. He worked hand in hand with me in selecting contractors to fit my specific needs and, then, hand in hand with the contractor in achieving the desired results. What could have been a high stress experience was, in fact, a pleasure throughout. I can sincerely say that the end product, which is now my residence, exceeded all expectations."
C. Carnevale

"Jeff was the architect on my project. I enlarged a bedroom over a garage and added a bathroom on the upper story; converted the two car garage downstairs to an indoor/outdoor family room. Jeff did an awesome job incorporating the renovations into the architecture of the existing house. The new look is completely integrated with the house. He also brought on board a contractor who worked with him and worked out all potential problems that can occur when remodeling an older home. I was extremely satisfied with his work and professionalism."
L. Glauda

"I worked with Jeff for one year planning the House in Poughkeepsie, New York. The details on the plans were exceptional. My firm built the house which took two and a half years to complete. The customer was delighted with the final Product. The proportions of the rooms were perfect. The mouldings and trim spectacular. Every time I drive by I say this is the perfect house for me and my family. Oh that's right it is my house."
D. Silver

"Jeff Wilkinson provided us with outstanding work on a large scale renovation of a Stanford White designed Carriage House. He allowed us to retain the character of the original structure, while making it into a wonderful home. I highly recommend his work."
C. Comella