October 2011
Upgraded surfaces and doubled storage rescue the run-down kitchen in a historic home. 


April 1995
Greene & Greene - an article written by Jeff Wilkinson about two brothers who designed homes that influenced residential design nationwide.

December 2005
The eco-friendly Arts and Crafts home of a fashion photographer and a model designed the home of their dreams with the help of Jeff Wilkinson. 

January 2005
Jeff Wilkinson renovates 174 to 178 Main Street in Beacon, NY. Restoring the period facades, renovating the large storefront commercial spaces on the street level, and creating seven duplex apartments upstairs.

November 1992
Principal illustrations done by Jeff Wilkinson for "The Naturally Elegant Home" publishehd by Little, Brown and Company.


July 2010
Comfortable touches, as well as exacting attention to details both large and small are the hallmarks of a brand new shingle style house in
Poughkeepsie, New York. 

July 2009
Jeff Wilikinson transforms a 19th century carriage house and stable into a stunning contemporary home in Rhinebeck, NY.

November 2005
The Right Space - A historic cottage in Chappaqua gets the addition it needed…and no more.

June 2004
Structural Integrity - Timber frame homes join traditional techniques with contemporary tastes.


May/June 1990
Who They Were - Elbert Hubbard
An article written by Wilkinson on an American writer, publisher, artist, and philosopher.



February 2001
A Colonial Revolution - Melding the modern and the classic in a long Island house. 


February 2009
A former carriage house, horse stlls and all, redesigned and rescaled for modern living. 

May/June 1992
Who They Were - Alexander Jackson Davis. An article written by Jeff Wilkinson.

March/April 1990
Who They Were - McKim, Mead & White
These architects designed nearly 800 buildings  some of them being the Boston Public Library, the Rhode Island State Capital, Columbia University  and Grand Central Station.