Lichtenstein Residence
Client: Phyllis Lichtenstein, Garrison, NY
Renovation and redesign of an 1850's Hudson Valley
farmhouse including vintage pine cabinetry, a new pergola and porches.

LaneGate Residence
Client: Christopher Micaud, Cold Spring, NY
A new wing to an existing 19th century gate house. Addition features a timber frame structure, custom mahogany windows and Rumford fireplaces.

Silver Residence
Client: David Silver, Kingwood Park, NY
A new shingle style inspired residence with outbuildings and a pool house

Gimonet Residence
Client: Guillaume and Sophie Gimonet, Montgomery, NY
Restoration and a whole house makeover of an 1830's farmhouse developed as an equine property.

Good Residence
Client: Kyle Good, Garrison, NY
A whole house makeover including a wing for a Master Bedroom and Kitchen.

Hudson Valley Cape
Client: Christine Doering, New Windsor, NY
A new residence based on traditional Cape Cod style homes.

Carriage House Residence
Client: Simon Morgan and Carolyn Comella, Rhinebeck, NY
Renovation of a Stanford White Carriage House including pool and grounds.

Renovations to Warren House
Client: Dr. Cathy Carnevale, Cold Spring, NY
Whole House Renovation of an 1850's late Federal residence

Sarah Wells Residence
Client: Robert & Amy Carchietta, Goshen, NY
A new 6,000 s.f. timber frame residence and horse farm.

Mead Road Residence
Clients: Robert and Janet Garratt, Woodstock, NY
A new 4,000 Sq. Ft. timber frame residence for a painter and his family.

Resnick Residence,
Client: Daniel Resnick, Glen Wild, NY
A new 5,000 s.f. timber-frame home featuring custom cabinetry, radiant heating, Rumford fireplaces and pool house and grounds.

Addition to Xiques Residence
Client: Edward and Rosemary Xiques, Putnam Valley, NY
Creation of a music studio for a jazz musician.

Addition to Berger Residence
Client: Scott and Amy Berger, Chappaqua, NY
Addition to a 1920's Kit house including a Kitchen/Family Room and Master Bedroom Suite.

Glauda Residence
Client: Lillian Glauda, Beacon, NY
Renovations including a Family Room and Dormer Addition

Fisherman-Clapp Residence
Client: Dan Fisherman & Jen Clapp, Beacon, NY
Kitchen and Dining Room Addition

Fisch Residence
Client: Drs. Elisha and Maria Fisch, Mt. Kisco, NY
A whole house makeover including Bedroom, Dining Room and Family Room Additions.

Hull Residence
Client: Jonathan and Michelle Hull, Warwick, NY
Family Room and Kitchen addition.

Addition to Lamb Residence
Client: David & Lori Lamb, Chappaqua, NY
A whole house makeover including a kitchen and bedroom wing.

Weinpahl Residence
Client: On-Air Engineering, Cold Spring, NY
Master plan for property including garage, studio and whole house makeover

Addition to Desa Residence
Client: Drs. Ken and Lillian Desa, Chappaqua, NY
Series of additions including a Master Bedroom and Family Room.

Novotny Residence
Client: Victor Novotny, Cold Spring, NY
Addition for a glass art collector

Addition at Carolyn Lane
Client: Drs. Sonia Kulchycky & Stephen Danyko, Chappaqua, NY
Addition and whole house makeover with kitchen, bathrooms and a deck.

Addition to Potgeiter Residence
Client: Leon and Barbara Potgeiter, Cortland Manor, NY
Addition and whole house renovation to a mid-nineteenth century farmhouse.

Van Dommelle/Ryzy-Ryski Residence
Client: Rudolph Van Dommelle & Sonia Ryzy-Ryski, Cold Spring, NY
New 5,000 s.f. residence on a 5-Acre wooded site.

Renovations to Skutnik Residence
Client: Anthony and Shari Skutnik, Monroe, NY
Renovation and Restoration of an 1830's Greek Revival house.

Travis Corners Residence
Client: Robert and Nancy Guernsey, Garrison, NY
Whole House renovations including roof terrace and exterior renovation

Cape Cod House
Client: Arthur D. Little, N. Falmouth, MA
Design of a 4,000 Sq. Ft. Victorian seaside residence with an emphasis on period detailing and authentic materials.

Addition to Sprout Brook Residence
Client: Leon and Barbare Potgeiter, Cortlandt Manor, NY
Addition and Renovation to an 1850's Hudson Valley farmhouse.

Half Moon House
Client: Rudolf Van Dommelle & Sonia Ryzy-Ryski, Cold Spring, NY
A new 5,000 s.f. residence on a 5-Acre wooded site.




Dondero Block Renovation, 174-178 Main St., Beacon, NY
Client: West End Development, LLC
Renovation of a 14,000 s.f. mixed-use property. Project funded in part with funds from Dutchess County Dept. of Planning and Development.

197-199 Main St., Beacon, NY (2003)
Client: Luraye Tate, New York, NY
The renovation and restoration of a 5,000 s.f. 19th-Century masonry building, housing two apartments and two gallery spaces.

Offices for the Dept.of Motor Vehicles and Orange County Board of Health Newburgh, NY
Client: RAC Development in conjunction with Orange County, NY
Renovation of a 14,000 s.f. former Woolworths Building in Newburgh, NY

Brownstone Renovation
Client: Ramine Rouhani and Nahid Mozaffari, West End Ave., New York, NY
Interior alterations and renovation of an 1870's Brownstone including a penthouse apartment addition.

Renovation to 12 Front Street , Newburgh, NY
Client: Dr. Geoffrey Brackett & Danyelle Means, Newburgh, NY
Renovation of a 5,700 s.f.19th-century warehouse into apartments and professional offices.

Renovations to Hudson View and Hudson Harbor
Client: Hudson View Properties, Beacon, NY
Various upgrades to a multi-family apartment complex.

Plumbing Showroom
Client: RIM Plumbing, Ossining, NY
Design for a plumbing showroom.

Campbell Woodworks
Client: Paul Campbell, Ossipee, NH
New 3,500 Sq. Ft., post and beam woodworking facility.

Addition to Five Churchill
Client: George Mansfield and Kazumi Tanaka, Beacon, NY
Addition to a 3 Story Masonry Structure for a home and studio

Offices for Tedd Cylce, Inc.
Client: Ted Doering, New Windsor, NY
Field measuring and existing conditions survey.

168 Broadway, Newburgh, NY
Client: Tidal Wave Laundry, LLC
Renovation of a 19th century Masonry and wood framed multi-use building.

180 Main Street, Beacon, NY
Client: Shanna Abelese
Renovation of a 19th century Masonry and wood framed multi-use building.

Mt. Beacon Bed and Breakfast
Client: Lauren Walling, Beacon, NY
Zoning Board Variance and Planning Board approval for a Bed and Breakfast.


Howland Cultural Center Restoration, Main St., Beacon, NY
Client: Van Wyck Trust
Project architect for a slate roof restoration of an 1870's Richard Morris Hunt designed Library.

Howland Public Library, Beacon, NY
Client: Phyllis Keaton, Director
Façade Renovation Project (In progress), City of Beacon

St. George's Episcopal Church, Newburgh, NY
Client: Rev. Deborah Dresser
Interior renovation of Altar Space integrating casework with stained glass panels

The Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries
Client: John Cronin
Zoning Board Approval for Offices. Accessory Building at Dennings Point

Queens Botanical Garden
Client: QBG
Signage and renderings for grounds.

Select Project Lists 1995 - Present